Hated Song


This weeks song challenge, asks about a song that I can not stand to listen to. The only song that came to mind was Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’, the song was so over played.

That even if I liked the song at first, by the end of the first month; I had grown tired of hearing the song. Meaning that I was constantly changing the channel trying to get away from the song.

Do you have a song you don’t like or really hate? let me know down in the comment section.

Maria x


Mountain Part 2

Snow Mountain
Snow Mountain

It stopped growing after a week. The Elders left the changed site alone for another week,to guarantee the oddity has ceased growing.

When the Elders consider it safe enough to approach the strange rope objects. They send a small group of five men consisting of fighters and scientists to tentatively explore the objects.

The group of five reaches the odd construction within a week of leaving their village. The group encounter no problems during the journey and the reach their destination in good time.

The first task the scientists perform is to find out if the rope objects are touchable. They use a wooden stick to test touch-ability, as a wooden stick is easy to drop if need be. After a moment of the stick touching the rope object, nothing seem to occur. Scientists move onto their next test, finding out what the inside of the ropes looked like. To get a look at the inside, they break off a part at the end of the rope object to study further.

As they are breaking off a specimen of the rope, they notice a pattern engraved into the ice like material. They examine the pattern closer, they notice the pattern looks like lines crossing over each other. Thus, creating an intricate circular pattern, that appears very delicate to the eye.

The group decide that before exploring the rope object field further, the specimen they are taking back needs to be examined further. After gathering what information the men are able to at the time, they make their journey back to their village.

To be continued

Here is the second part of my Mountain story and also my 100 word prompt fill for today. Let me know what you think.

Maria x

The Mountain

It was just an ordinary day they say, nothing out of the ordinary. The sky was clear, the sun was out and everyone was just enjoying the celebration for the beginning of summer, in an open field with the mountains in the background. No one was expecting it, there was no warning.

When it started, it started with a rubble; then everyone started to feel the ground start to shake, when everyone started looking for where the rumbling was coming from. Everyone started looking towards the mountain and pointing, they say that when they looked towards the mountain as the mountain was not that far; they could see cracks starting to appear at the base of the mountain running upwards.

The elders say that when the cracks appear, everyone started to become afraid and backing away from the mountain and as they were backing away the rumbling and shaking kept getting worse. People that were there said that appearing along the cracks was ice and it was expanding very fast.

When the cracks covered in ice reached the mountain top, they say that rocks started to rain down of them, that when they notice something was coming out of the mountain, everyone says it looked like metal ropes, these rope like objects started to bend and curl towards the ground and it seems that as the ropes grew more rope like things grew out of the original ropes.

The elders say that the ropes grew and expanded for the rest of the day until they covered the entire field where they were having their summer celebration. They say that what happened next was something that was not expected.

To Be Continued ……..

My first attempt at writing something out of my imagination, so let me know what you think and if it can be improved.

Maria x