A Song For All Time

For my final song challenge, they have asked for a song; that I can listen to all the time without getting bored with the song. For me this song is Demi Lovato ‘Give Your Heart A Break’. I listen to this song every time I walk the dogs, as it’s a great song to walk to.

Is there a song that you can listen to without getting bored? Do you have an all time favorite song? Let me know, down in the comment section.

Maria x


Song for Dancing

This weeks song challenge asks for a song that makes you want to dance. I have chosen Taylor Swift ‘Shake It Off’, as it is a great song to have a mad dance to without any embarrassment.

Is there a song that makes you want to dance? Let me know down in the comment section.

Maria x


Gizmo demanding her tea ☺ #cats #catdinner #tea

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The first day of 2017 almost at an end. For the first day of the year, and a Sunday at that; today has been a very busy day. Spent the day sorting wool/yarn out and getting rid of unwanted wool/yarn (its in a bag ready for when my auntie visits) with my mum.

When we finally finished around 4 o’clock after starting at about 1pm. I was cleaning up and during the entire time cleaning, Gizmo (pictured above) was following me around meowing her head off; demanding her food/tea. I managed to capture a picture of Gizmo standing on our coffee table just before she started meowing.

This starts my new years resolution of taking a picture everyday. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this New Years resolution

Maria x

New Years Resolution

With 2016 on its ways out, a lot of people are going to be thinking about setting their 2017 resolutions (that for most people will not last long). My thoughts have turned to my new years resolution that I had set at the beginning of 2016. Which was not to buy anymore wool/yarn as I am a big crocheter; so this means that I have a very large wool/yarn stash and I wanted to spend the year using up my wool stash before buying more wool.

As I was able to keep my resolution for 2016, I am going to I am going to carry on with my resolution of not buying wool in 2017; as I still have a significant wool stash to use up.

I am also going to set myself a second New Years resolution, this resolution is to take one picture a day of anything that caught my eye either around the house, when walking the dogs or even when I am out for the day with family and friends.

I want to do this New Years resolution, to show that something good does happen everyday, no matter how small or how big that good thing is. I want to be able to get to New Years Eve 2017 and be able to look back on 2017 and see what happened everyday over the year.

Have you made any new years resolutions? If so, how easy or difficult do you think it will be for you to keep that new years resolution you have made? Let me know down in the comment section.

Maria x