Gizmo demanding her tea ☺ #cats #catdinner #tea

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The first day of 2017 almost at an end. For the first day of the year, and a Sunday at that; today has been a very busy day. Spent the day sorting wool/yarn out and getting rid of unwanted wool/yarn (its in a bag ready for when my auntie visits) with my mum.

When we finally finished around 4 o’clock after starting at about 1pm. I was cleaning up and during the entire time cleaning, Gizmo (pictured above) was following me around meowing her head off; demanding her food/tea. I managed to capture a picture of Gizmo standing on our coffee table just before she started meowing.

This starts my new years resolution of taking a picture everyday. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this New Years resolution

Maria x




When you think of a witness, you automatically think of a person witnessing an event. But the witness is always a person, you never think that a witness can be something other than a person.

But as I am typing this, I have several pairs of eyes watching everything I am currently doing. My cats and dogs are watching every move I make while typing, I can see their eyes moving watching my fingers. Their paws making twitches as though the attack my hands.

I have cats crawling all over attempting to add their own words to this post. Seeing the cats eyes watching, it got me thinking about how much my cats actually witness while they are with us. They witness all the ups and downs of family life; they go through the gaining and losing of family while they are with use.

Maria x