The aim of this blog is to showcase the first tentative steps into the world of writing more specifically the world of fantasy.

My name is Maria Hunt. I am a 25-year-old recent graduate from Bangor University in Wales, who has become has recently become a carer for one of my parents. Because of this recent life change I have taken an interest in writing as a hobby and something constructive to do with my time when not caring or being controlled by my 16 cats who believe they own the house.

I have always had a love of reading, to the point that when I was younger I read everything I could get my hands on. But lately I have not read as many books as I use to, which I am hoping to change. Trying to read Game of Thrones book series, it is not going very well, having a hard time getting into the book; but I love the television series.

My first venture into writing, is on my first personal blog ‘Business of Kpop’, that focuses on reviewing Korean music. This first attempt has increased my interest in writing, So I am starting this blog, for a place to put my first writing attempts, so they are not scattered in different places.

I have recently started to create my own little pirate world, that I am slowly expanding and will hopefully lead to a full novel in the future.Β  The blog posts are not very long, but they are slowly growing as I get to grips with what I am writing.


So, fair warning some pieces that may be posted may not be very good, so please be kind and give constructive criticism that will help my to improve my writing, so my writing will be better in the future.


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  1. Good stuff mate. Who would you say your fantasy influences are? Are you going for high fantasy or down in the streets dirt level? I’m currently procrastinating over three novels and have ideas for a bunch more but life (and lacking talent…) keeps getting in the way.

    Good luck with it all.

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  3. Hi Maria. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog – I hope you’ll find plenty to entertain you! Good luck with your writing – will look forward to reading your work. It’s such a cathartic process to put words down on paper (or at least virtual paper) and based on your introduction it sounds like just what you need. Best regards, Nik

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  4. I am sure Maria with your 15 cats that their antics could inspire you to feature them in some of your blog entries. Don’t become intimidated by the strict definition of the blog challenges. Take time to enjoy other people’s entries and then create a game plan for your own blog site.Good luck to you.:)

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