New Challenge

With the rough start at the beginning of the year with the internet, I have fallen down on writing something regularly. So to get back into the swing of writing about things, I have been looking into different writing challenges.

While researching, I have come across a few different writing challenges. The first challenge, I have come across is ’25 Songs in 25 Days’:

Rather than complete this challenges in 25 days, I have altered the challenge to answer of the 25 bullet points each week, so the challenge is more like 25 songs in 25 weeks.

The main reason for doing this is because, last year I completed two challenges within the standard deadline a 30 day challenge and a 100 day writing challenge. I found myself struggling a little to complete the daily challenges, when real life gets busy. So completing one of the 25 challenges each week, allows me to focus on my daily routine, while also committing some time to writing my blog.

The second writing challenge I have found is a 130 day writing challenge:

Again I have altered this challenge a little, in that rather than posting daily, I would choose between 2 to 3 word prompts to complete each week. Doing the 130 day challenge this way, gives me breathing space between each word prompt. Because during my 100 word writing challenge, I struggled with writing some of the words given in the challenge, because they were not very inspiring word. So I am going to give myself a little breathing room between each word for the 130 day writing challenge.

In regards to a posting timetable I have though about for the 25 songs challenge is to post every Saturday, as I listen to a lot of music the days before Saturday would give me a chance to go through my music and pick the right songs for each prompt.

As for 130 word challenge I have a tentative posting schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This gives me breathing room when writing and posting. In between the two challenges I am hoping to incorporate past blogging series I have been doing, such as my weekly quote series, that I would move to posting each Tuesday rather than on a Monday.

Let me know what you think of my newest challenges I have set for myself.

Maria x


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