Getting back into my television series, the first blog post for the series in 2016 is childhood program Madeline.

I use to watch this program religiously each week, to the point that I had several VHS that had Madeline recorded on them. I enjoyed the program because the story-line through each episode was not that complicated and was easily to follow.

Another reason I enjoyed the program was because the program was animated and colorful, allowing me to just enjoy the program. I also liked that the program was set in a Paris orphanage, telling the story of the youngest orphan living in the orphanage. Madeline is a seven-year old girl, with a loud and out going personality.

Each episode, had a different adventure; where Madeline gets either into mischief or trouble in a short amount of time.  I think the main reason I enjoyed the program so much was because it was different from some of the children programs that were being aired at the time.

The program was different because it had a female lead character and the supporting cast was mostly female. As there were very few male characters shown in Madeline and that was a thing I liked about the program.

Madeline is a program that I will be showing my future kids. Because its a timeless program and that can be enjoyed by each new generation.

Maria x


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