It was chaos, completely and utterly mad. It was supposed to be calm and relaxing, putting the Christmas decorations up. But each year we are surprised at the amount of Christmas decorations we have.

This year the chaos is made worse, as the living room as been rearranged, meaning that have lost a large amount of shelving space, that the ornaments use to go on.

So a moment has to be taken to make account of shelving space that we have left. Meaning it’s going to take a little longer to put the Christmas decorations. Meaning the chaos around the house will last longer than the usual time it takes to put up the Christmas decoration (4 days to put the decorations up).

Day 16, asks us to focus on a single day, focusing further on the details of a specific event within that day.

Maria x


One thought on “Christmas

  1. Hmmmm references to my “new“ chairs here 😛 but no references to the mad balls of fur trying to eat the Christmas lights lol……………. just think of how much less polishing with so fewer shelves?
    Now….where are we going to put the Christmas tree???

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