On day 12, we have been challenged with critiquing a piece of work, any type of work.

I have chosen to give my opinion on the Marvel collection. I am someone who has not read any of the Marvel comics or watched any of the Marvel cartoons. I was first introduced to the world of Marvel through the first Iron Man film featuring Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. This portrayal of Tony Stark started my love of the Marvel world.

My love of the Marvel world was cemented with the release of the first Avenger film. But with the release of more and more Marvel films, comparison and contrast are being made between the comic’s and the films and a lot of differences between the two are becoming known to everyone. With the contrasts becoming more and more, I am learning more about Marvel’s comic world.

Because I have grown to love the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, I am actually finding myself glad that I did not read the comic’s. Because I finding myself disliking the comic’s world a little, which is very, very weird. Because without the comic’s we would not have films being released today.

It’s also looking more and more likely that future Marvel films at going to drift further and further away from the comic’s. In a way I am kind of glad that the films are different compared to the comic’s and I haven’t read the comics either, I am able to watch the films without any certain expectations. That I am sure most comic fans have when first watching the Marvel films. So I won’t be disappointed when the film doesn’t match with what is in the comic’s that I am sure a lot of the fans are when first watching the Marvel films.

In a way I am glad for the distinction and difference between the films, because the films don’t feel like a knock off of the Marvel comic’s. The films in a way feel like original films and uniquely their own.

What is your personal opinion of the Marvel films? Do you prefer the films or the comic’s? Let me know your opinion, down in the comment section.

Maria x


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