To write or not to write

Day 9 of writing101, asks to write or not to write. Do you write for a living or do you write in your spare time.

As I am full-time carer for my mum, I sometimes don’t have a lot of time to write or I just don’t have the energy to write something. Sometimes, when I don’t have the energy to write. I force myself to write a little something, even if it is only a few lines. Because I know that the longer I go without writing something, the more less inclined I will be to write something.

There will be days were I am disinclined to wanting to write something, but there will be other days were I am inclined to wanting to write loads of things.

Trying to write something long and in detail, every single day can cause a rapid decrease in creativity. Because you feel like each blog post, that is posted each day has to be bigger and better than the last and sometimes that is impossible to do.

So it’s definitely a good thing to step back, take a breather from your writing. Allow your personal life to breath new life and creativity into your writing, by getting out and experiencing life and everything it has to offer.

Maria x


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