Writing area


For day 6, we have been asked to describe our writing space and things we need to help with our writing.

My writing space isn’t set, I don’t have any set patterns for my writing. I usually just sit down with my laptop in any room and start writing whatever comes to mind. Either a poem or a small ficlet. The only constant habit, is to have some type of background noise: either music or with the television playing.

The music that is usually playing in the background is Korean, because I can’t understand the lyrics that are being sung. I can just enjoy the backing track, while writing and allow the backing track to create world within my mind.

An ideal writing space would be open, clutter free and quiet. But if I had this type of space I would end up getting distracted because I can’t stand silence and I usually end up looking for some type of noise. 🙂

I like noise or interaction because it usually ends up giving me additional ideas for my writing. Giving my blog posts a unique spin; as most of my blog posts are influenced by everyday life and personal experiences.

I have also made a contact form for my readers to send me idea’s for blog posts that they would like to see me write. The contact form page can be found in the menu bar at the top of the page: but I will pop in a link at the end of this blog post for anyone who wants it.

Maria x



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