Social Media Inspiration

Day 7 asks you to get inspired by social media, they have challenged us with some tweets from people posting on Twitter. And create a blog post around that tweet.

I have chosen Lev Grossman tweet posted on the 25 April 2015. I agree with the tweet because every time I sit down to write something even a small poem. It is so hard to get the words written down, that hard feeling is made worse. When you see other writers work and the words seem to come easy to them.

It makes you wonder how is writing easier for some people and really hard for others. Because writing for me is hard sometimes, it makes me wonder if I should carry on writing or if I should give up on trying to write. But then I think the writers I follow had to have at some point been in the same position as me and they more than likely struggled with getting their writing.

As I think that if something comes very easy to you, you never appreciate it as much as you would appreciate something that you have to work harder for. As something hard won by someone has more of an impact of a persons life, as they constantly think that because they had to work for it. They need to appreciate everything they had to do.

Maria x


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