Hi All,

Forgot to post this update at the beginning of the week. My normal posting schedule for the next few weeks is going to be mixed up and completely random, because of a number of reasons.

The first is I am currently taking part in the writing101 course that is being run for 3 weeks. So I will be focusing on that for the next couple of weeks.

The second reason is Christmas is just around the corner, so that is going to take a lot of my attention with preparing. Also before Christmas is both parents Birthday, mum at the beginning of December and dad is just before Christmas.

The final reason is that my 100 word prompt challenge that I have been doing for the last couple of months in coming to an end. So I am wrapping up the final few word prompts.

I am hoping to still be able to post some of my weekly blogs, but I am not holding myself to it. As real life is going to take president to blogging until next year.

Maria x


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