A story within an image

Night Sky

It’s the hour of the wolf

Standing completely still

In the middle of a field

Surrounded by tree’s

Tree tops kissing the night sky

Standing there, looking up

You imagine anything is possible

You imagine, world that is not ours

You imagine other beings living in the stars

For today’s writing challenge, we have been asked to chosen an image from Unsplash.com and then write about what comes to mind from that single image.

The four original photos they gave didn’t really inspire me, so I chose another image of a night sky. And was inspired to write the above poem. So let me know what you think, down in the comment section.

Maria x



18 thoughts on “A story within an image

      1. I had a cat like that Kizzy, she loved going out, only coming into eat. She was really lovable outside wanting fussing but when she was indoors she only tolerated a fussing for a few seconds before the claws and teeth came out and found a place in my hand. Sadly she was killed by a car in July 😦 Maria x

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