For today’s writing challenge, we have been given a one word prompt. We have been asked to chosen a word from the following list:

  1. HOPE
  3. HOME

I have chosen the word ‘Hope’ for my challenge, and my challenge is a more personal rambling entry. As I am not up to writing anything today.

With Christmas just around the corner for everyone, its inevitable that you start thinking about the new year and what will occur next year. With each new year, I always start a new plan for any goals I want to try to reach. And I had decided that next year I wanted to start paying off the finance I incurred while at university. As I only have my overdraft to pay off, but I have just found out today that my bank switched my student account to graduate account last year. And the interest free limit is being reduced, so the extra time I though I has to pay off the overdraft without incurring interest, I haven’t got that time.

So I am a little worried, in case the bank decides to stick with what they said in the email they sent today, I am going to have the worry about trying to pay the overdraft back.

If the bank sticks to their decision on the interest free limit, getting it paid off in the first half of the year will be my biggest goal and will be my new years resolution.

Usually when unexpected things happen I handle it really well and don’t really worry about it too much. But the main reason today’s happening is stressful is finding out that they changed my bank account without telling me.

So before I let it really stress me out, I am going to pop into my banks branch on Monday to try to sort out the mess. Because I am not going to let this spoil my Christmas or the run up to Christmas, I am just going to think positive thoughts and not let it stress me out too much until I have seen someone in the Bank on Monday.

Think that’s my mini rant over with for today, usually I don’t like to post, blog posts like this. but what happened today has really annoyed me and when I saw what today’s challenge was about, this was all I could think about writing, to help sort out my thoughts and feelings so it doesn’t stress me out further.

Maria x


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