I write …..

I write because it takes me around from real life for a small time. Writing allows me to think anything is possible. That we are not limited by anything, allowing me to believe that magic is real.

I write because it helps clear my mind, when it is feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of daily life. Because real life can throw unexpected problems at you, and sometimes they are hard to handle. Writing allows me time to think about the problem and get it sorted in my mind, before attempting to solve the problem in real life.

I write, to expand on amazing worlds already given to use by previous authors. Because when I really enjoy a story given to use from other authors, I can’t help but come up with different story-lines taking place in an established worlds.

Being able to write allows me to get to know other writers, that are going through the same trials of learning how to write a good story. Although my current writing is struggling to go beyond the 300 word count.

The main reason for writing above all else, is the fact that enjoy writing. I try not to put too much thinking into the why, because then I start worrying about my writing. I worry about if my writing is go enough or are people reading my work saying it is good just to be kind. So the ‘I write’ is a hard question to explain fully, as I don’t have a solid answer for why I write.

Maria x


4 thoughts on “I write …..

  1. Soprano Musings

    I use to worry about that too – if folks were just saying that they liked my work to be nice, so I understand. It is going to be hard, but you just have to let that thought go and really write – no holding back or second guessing yourself.
    Otherwise you won’t find your voice or writing style as a writer (In my opinion). There were one or two grammar errors but other than that it’s good.

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