This weeks installment of favorite childhood television series, I am talking about Pokemon. This show defined a lot of people’s childhood, and started a lot of children’s obsession with video games.

Pokemon was created in 1995, by Satoshi Tajiri. Pokemon started at two video games, before expanding into animated television series and film series. Pokemon was my first real introduction to different types of video games consoles. That when Pokemon started being shown in the UK, I had to watch it because it brought the Pokemon from the video game to life, giving them more detail and more a story behind them.

I remember watching the series everyday on Fox Kids, as they showed two episodes each day after school. I have not watched the latest series of Pokemon, as I have not watched the show for years now. That if I watched Pokemon today, I wouldn’t know what was going on, nor recognize any of the new Pokemon.

I think a reason I loved Pokemon so much, was the story-line and the focus it placed on Ash’s journey to becoming a Pokemon master. There was no overly complicated story-line or multiple story-lines going on at once. Which I loved, as I could just enjoy Ash’s journey.

The favorite part of the show was the actual Pokemon themselves. As all 150 original monsters were individual and each had their own personality. Designed in both bright and calm coloring, each Pokemon stands out, without being overshadowed by other Pokemon monsters.

This is one animation that will be shown to my future children. Because Pokemon is a timeless program that adults and children can enjoy. As I have a lot of the video games for the Game boy and the Nintendo DS. They will be games that I wouldn’t be getting rid of them anytime soon.

Do you remember Pokemon when it came out? Did you play the video games or did you collect the trading cards? Let me know down in the comment section.

Maria x


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