Lightning had 13 days, 13 days to save as many souls. As each saved soul will be reborn in the new world, Bhunivelze will create after the death of the world Gran Pulse.

Trying to save so many souls for the new world, is made harder with all the trouble that is being caused by Chaos. After the death of the goddess Etro, Chaos as spilled over into the world and creating trouble. Chaos has halted the aging of humans and no new children has been born since the death of Etro.

while saving as many souls, Lightning wants to save the souls of her closets friends. But the saving the soul of Snow Villiers maybe the most difficult to save, as he seems to be falling to the temptation of Chaos. As Snow has never recovered from the death of her sister Serah.

Lightning’s biggest reason for saving the souls, is to ensure the rescue and rebirth of Serah; in the new world Bhunivelze is creating.

I give you today’s fill for the 100 word challenge.

Maria x




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