Television: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

For this weeks post about favorite childhood television programs. The biggest program is the Japanese anime Sailor moon.

Sailor Moon use to be shown on the kids channel Fox Kids every week day morning at 7:30am. I remember this time clearly, because each morning when my mum use to get me up each morning for school. She use to bring me my breakfast while I watched Sailor Moon in the living room.

I watch the series so much that I was able to sing along with the opening song; word for word. I was also able to say the words to each of the scouts transformations.

They repeated the first two series of Sailor Moon. I watch each showing of the two series, even through I had seen them all. I think Sailor Moon is one of them programs, that although it is an anime aimed at a younger audience. But it has been drawn in a way anybody: no matter their age, can enjoy Sailor Moon. Without thinking they are watching a kids program.

As I still watch the original series of Sailor Moon today, and I am keeping an eye out for the complete series on DVD. The Japanese original version with English subtitles, because I know the English dubbed version released in the UK. Has been edited to cut out so parts of the TV series.

In 2014, to celebrate Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary. Sailor Moon was given a reboot: but being more faithful to Naoko Takeuchi’s original mange series. Called Sailor Moon Crystal. I have not watch the new series, mainly because I grew up with the 1992-1997 series. That I don’t want the new series to ruin the original Sailor Moon series for me.

I might eventually watch the 2014 Sailor Moon Crystal series. But it won’t be for sometime, my feeling in regards to the series are a little to sensitive at the moment.

Do you have a favorite childhood TV series, that has been rebooted? Is the reboot good or bad? Let me know in the comment section below.

Maria x



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