Tension had been building between them for a while. Everyone had been waiting for the tension to explode between Louna and Nona. For the past few weeks the two had been engaged in small arguments revolving around the same subject.

That subject was about a recently revealed family feud between the their two families. The feud is about an old business partnership that existed between Wieck and Baines during the 1700s. The business partnership was going well for the first 20 years before discrepancies started to appear in the financial accounts; both families denied any involvement in the fraud. With the denial, bitter feelings grew between the two families, until there was constant arguments between the family members.

Decades after the feud was forgotten, Nona Baines grandmother was curious about her families history. During her ancestors search the feud appeared, Nona grandmother took the information to then living Wieck members and although they were curious about the feud they let it rest.

The tension only grew, when the story of the two families feud was told to younger generation of both families. But as with all teenagers, they take information told to them to the extreme. Resulting in the teenagers reigniting the families feud.

But with the centuries between the original feud and the new feud. Large qualities of information have been lost to time. Making the current feud between the two female teenagers ridiculous and a source of amusement to the rest of the families.

The argument that lead to Nona to receiving the punch, was because Nona was making side comments to Louna about her ancestors being the cause for the business partnership turning sour.

The punch came out of nowhere, and was unexpected but Louna was starting to tire of the small snide comments aimed at her all the time. Nona had said one to many comments, resulting in Louna reacting on pure reflect and emotion and landing a solid punch square on the nose.

Presenting today’s word prompt challenge. Let me know what you think. 🙂

Maria x


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