Childhood Television Programs

The Tribe

For this weeks installment of favorite childhood programs. I present The Tribe, this program use to be a staple Sunday morning watch on Channel Five’s Milkshake. 🙂 Sometimes missed an episode when I had a sleep in.

At the time, I thought the program was the best program showing at the time. But after now coming back to it and watching some of the episodes. How wrong I was, the acting and story-line in the show was just bad. You can tell from the get go it is a kids program aimed at kids.

The show is about a virus killing all the adults, leaving all kids and teenagers behind to fend for themselves. It is also discovered that as the teenagers reach adulthood they contract the virus and start dying.

So the kids left behind start dividing into groups and claiming areas of land for themselves and they start going wild. This is before some teenagers start to try to lay some rule, so they are able to survive.

Looking back on some of the story-lines used in the show, are a little ridiculous. And if a show tries to use some of the tribes story-lines without it making sense. It would not even reach the filming stage, the television production company would just chuck the script out.

Another thing about The Tribe when re-watching, is I have noticed how bad the fashion choices were. For a show about kids learning how to survive, they never had any problem with finding make-up and they never ran out of the stuff; but finding food for everyone was harder.

This is one of the childhood programs that is better left to childhood memories. Because watching The Tribe now, just makes me laugh throughout because of the bad acting. 🙂

The Tribe compared to other children’s show, was a purely entertainment show with no educational value to it. Beyond learning to stick with your true friends, the Tribe was my first introduction to purely entertainment shows. Because before that all the programs I watched before that all had some type of education value.

Do you have a television program that you loved to watch when younger, but when re-watching that program now, realized how bad the program actually was? Let me know down in the comment section.

Maria x


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