Blog Schedule

As both my blog and personal life are becoming very busy, I want to make up a schedule for blog posts. Were I am blogging regularly, but I am also having plenty of time for my own personal time. And will stop me from getting stressed, worrying about when I next have the time to write and post a blog post.

Monday:Favorite weekly quote post

Wednesday: Television/film Series posts

Friday:Random Feature Series

Saturday: Word Stomp

Intertwined with the above four blog posts, I will be posting my regular daily word prompt writing. I will also be randomly posting inspired one-shot stories that has struck me.

I will also randomly post, blog posts about topics that have been on my mind and needing to be written down. These blog post may not have anything to do with writing. As the strangest topics can spark my interest and won’t go away until I have talked about that topic at length. πŸ™‚

More than likely this schedule I have decided on, may change again after Christmas. As I am supposed to be getting a new camera for Christmas, so I may add a regular feature of sharing photographs of things I have taken during the week.

Maria x


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