They found the cave completely by accident. Captain Emrys and his crew, where searching for shelter for protection against the approaching storm.

The quartermaster Hefin, had noticed an opening in the rocky outcropping mountains. Upon examining the cave, it seemed large enough to house the crew for the night while the storm raged outside.

Settling down into the cage, sailing master Kyo noticed that the cave extended beyond what they can see. The Japanese crew member pointed the oddity out to Emrys, as the deeper cave opening does not reveal any of its secrets.

Taking in the opening, the potential mystery being held in the cave piqued Emrys interest. “Alright crew, I am taking a small group to further explore the cave.” Captain Emrys picks five crew members including sailing master Kyo, to take with him.

Leaving Quartermaster Hefin in charge of the rest of the pirate crew, Emrys sets off deeper into the cave. Just beyond the second cave opening, the caves flooring begins slopping downwards. The surrounding walls and ceiling featuring jagged surfaces and spiked style rocks, the small but noticeable footpath through the rocks is smooth.

Slowly descending the footpath, Emrys could see that they were in a vast cavern, that stretched further than Emrys could see. For such a vast cave, it seemed to be well-lit by an unidentified light. Trailing deeper in to vast cavern, the walls recede away from the group, allowing the cave to open itself. Rather than giving its secrets up, more mysteries appear. Numerous opening appear, opposite the six men.

Peering through each of the six openings, no clues were jumping out; hinting at what may be down each passage. Before going any further into the cave, they needed to map out a plan. Deciding how will go down each passage, meaning that Emrys needed to involve more members of the crew. Giving each of the six potential groups protection if needed.

Just a little pirate drabble for today’s word prompt. 🙂

Maria x


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