The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner

Finally watched the Maze Runner last night of Sky Movies channel. At first I was worried because I had heard a lot of opinions about the film not being very good and was a little boring. But I watched the film and was surprised, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. Was not bored at all while watching and the film kept me interested, to the point of watching the entire film without getting distracted.

Because if I am watching a film, that I don’t thoroughly enjoy. I get distracted very easily by the smallest of things. 🙂

But I was completely enthralled with this film, was on the edge of seat during parts of the film and I can’t wait to see the second part. Considering the main cast was made of entirely male actors at the moment, it is nice to see Thomas Brodie Sangster in something other than Game of Thrones or Phineas and Ferb.

Another aspect of Maze Runner is that there was not obvious sign of a romance, because while I don’t mind a romance film. As long as the film is a romance genre film, rather than a relationship being thrown into the mix to satisfy a specific group of viewers mainly female wanting a romance somewhere in the film. I know that this may change in future films of this series but I hope they don’t push the romance aspect too much if they add a relationship.

What you think of the Maze Runner? Do you think it’s cracked up to what its suppose to be? Let me know in the comment section below.

Maria x


3 thoughts on “The Maze Runner

  1. Oh yes I was pleasantly suprised by maze runner too. Its very entertaing and well put together. I held my breath several times. Im very curious about maze runner scorch trials. What I also like is the diversity of this movie. Lot of different ethnicities and also the girl is pretty badass!

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    1. Yeah definitely agree about the girl because she is the only one she has to be more than a pretty girl that always needs rescuing :), I also liked that there was hardly any lagging scenes in the film (scenes inserted into the film to make the film longer :)) Maria x

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