Star Trek

He may have misjudged the landing coordinates, as Scotty ends up in the pipe for the water turbine. Upon realizing this, he starts panicking, as he is being sucked toward the water turbine propellers.

It’s by the grace of everything holy, that Kirk seems to realize what is happening and it trying to find a solution. Scotty really does not what to be chopped into small pieces, which he surely will if he reaches the propellers.

It seems Kirk has noticed the emergency hatch for this water pipe, as he darts straight towards the control panel to release the hatch. Dropping out of the water pipe could not come a moment sooner, as he was starting to panic the closer the propellers seemed to get.

Pressed against the star-ships floor, gasping oxygen. Scotty sent praise of thankfulness to whoever was out there watching over him.

Another word prompt fill, inspired by Star Trek 🙂 x

Maria x


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