Childhood Television programs

90s TV Shows

My latest series of blogs posts, came about last night when I was bored and surfing YouTube and watching random videos.

I came across a video featuring the opening theme for one of the television shows I watched when I was younger. The program piquing my interest was Playdays runnning from 1988 to 1997 showing on CBBC part of the BBC.

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I loved this program, use to watch it every week without fail. My granddad use to video tape the program for me. I loved the fact that each episode was a different place with different characters. I never knew which bus stop it would be each episode. Throughout the years Playdays had a total of 8 bus stops they cycles through.

  1. The Why Bird Stop
  2. The Playground Stop
  3. The Dot Stop
  4. The Roundabout Stop
  5. The Patch Stop
  6. The Tent Stop
  7. The Poppy Stop
  8. The Christmas Tree Stop

Poppy, Peggy and Bird / Playdays

Each of the stops had their own little cast of characters, that all children that watched the show would recognize and know which stop the bus was at. My favorite day on playdays was Wednesday, as this was The Roundabout Stop day. Just watching YouTube videos makes me what to be a child again so I can watch Playdays again without seeming to be odd. πŸ™‚

Looking back I enjoyed the program so much because it was a learning program disguised as a colorful entertainment program aimed at children. Children learned about subjects without realizing they were learning about things. πŸ™‚

This will be one of the programs I will show my kids (when I have them :)) because not only was it educational, but it was also funny and entertaining to watch.

When you watch a video of a childhood television program, there is always a cringe-worthy factor to it. That makes you think why on earth you watched and enjoyed a program when you were younger. But so far I have not got that feeling from Playdays, which frankly I am very happy about. Because I would have been totally disappointed if Playdays was not as good as I remember.

Comparing today’s children’s shows to children’s shows from the 90s or even the 80s, is no comparison. As a lot of children’s programs have heavily monitored on what the show, compared to programs from the past. They seemed to have more freedom on the subject matters they could air. Another difference is 90s children’s programs were mostly live action, were today they are animation, which does not have the same effect.

Are there any programs from your childhood that you enjoyed and are unable to totally forget about today? Is that childhood program as good as you remember it being? Let me know in the comment section

Maria x


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