The End



With the Blogging101 course drawn to a close, bloggers look to their next phase of blogging. So I am taking a moment to stop and reflect on the past three weeks and everything I have learned from the course.

The biggest point I have taken from the Blogging101 course, is the need to visit other blogs and leaving comments and interacting with other bloggers. As I am highly guilty of not interacting with other bloggers, because I get so consumed in my own personal blog. That I forget about visiting other blogs and interacting even though I keep reminding myself to interact with other bloggers.

During the course of Bloggin101, I have had the opportunity to meet and in some respect get to know a lot of interesting bloggers. That were looking to also improve their blog during this course.

I have greatly enjoyed the last three weeks and I will most definitely be taking part in WordPress blogging201 course when they next run the course. I will also be likely to take part in their writing course they offer alongside their blogging course. For one main reason of meeting bloggers that are interested in improving their blog and another reason to get guidance from WordPress staff on the best way to constantly improve my blog.

Just looking towards what the future will hold for me and my little blog. Exploring all the different directions my writing is going and experimenting with different writing genres.

Maria x



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