Regular Feature

Today’s task for blogging101, we have been asked to implement a regular feature on our blog. I have been thinking about all day, wondering what I could do. Because I already post my writing regularly, but I want to do something different away from writing.

So I am thinking of posting each week a random photo that has inspired me or has stuck in my mind. Another subject I am thinking of making into a feature is sharing a song and video each week. As I listen to a lot of music, quite a few songs stick with me for some time. Another idea I have is to do some type of review, either of a film, television series or video game.

Thinking more on the subject, I may use all the subjects mentioned above. But choosing one at random to do each week. As I don’t like to have a to strict a schedule, choosing a feature topic randomly. Gives me freedom while sticking to post schedule.

Maria x


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