Jim Kirk

Jim Kirk was prepared to give his live. There wasn’t anything else he could think of, he had to physically go into the containment chamber.

Jim had to find out what was stopping the warp core from coming back online. Then somehow bring the warp core back online. Jim sees that the warp core needs to be realign, as this is what stopping it from coming back online.

Captain Kirk jumps straight in and physically needs to realign the core. Although it is likely to cost him his life, it is not a decision he has to make. Jim either dies from saving the ship, by getting the warp core back online or Jim can die when the starship hits the earths ground.

After several tense moments Jim gets the warp cor to realign and back online and he can feel the ships engines restart and the ships stops free-falling. Making his way from the Warp core, towards the sealed containment door. Jim hits the button to decompress the radiation from around him, making it safe for the rest of the crew to open the sealed door.

While the radiation was being decontaminated, everything was starting to become fuzzy and hazy. As though everything was far away from him, Jim realized what was happening and he had made peace with himself and his actions. Having no regrets of what he had just done and the results coming from his actions.

Presenting today’s daily word prompt fill and another entry into the Star Trek world I started yesterday.

Maria x


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