Doctor McCoy (Bones) /

Doctor Leonard McCoy was frustrated. The captain would not listen to him or the advice Bones gave to Jim. James T. Kirk never listened to any advice given to him about his personal health.

Trying to get Jim to understand that he can’t be careless about his health. He can’t take any risks because he is now a captain. Captain of the USS Enterprise to be precise. Jim had the duty to look after the ship’s crew, and make sure the crew makes it through each mission.

But even though Bones get frustrated and angry at Jim, he is still his friend. So Bones will still be there at the end of each day, willing to listen and patch Kirk up when needed.

A little 100 word drabble for today’s daily word prompt.

Maria x



9 thoughts on “Bones

    1. Thank you 🙂 and glad you enjoyed it. I love me some Star Trek, one of my favorite television series and film series. Can’t wait for the new Star Trek film next year :).

      Will more than likely write more in the Star Trek world, this is just my first dip into this world :).
      Maria x

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