Discovering the unknown

Being given today’s daily task for blogging101 course, we have been asked to participate in a second wordpress challenge/event of our choosing.

The event I have chosen is Pix to Words – pic and a word challenge, where they have given a picture from their own personal collection; then given a word to go with the picture. Pix to Words has asked that, the challenge’s Pic and Word feature prominently in your post.


Discovery / Pix to Words

They had to get away, away from the stresses and problems of every day life. Emrys and his friends have recently graduated from University. They wanted to explore life and discover areas of the world they knew nothing about.

Emrys wanted to drive through the open highways, letting the roads take them anywhere. Emrys did not care where he ended up, just as long as the place he ended up was somewhere new and undiscovered. Giving him the chance to explore, before real life had to insert itself.

Packing his luggage into the back of his second-hand car, Emrys was ready to set out on his grand adventure. With the sun beating down onto the car roof, with both front windows. Emrys turned onto the open highway, the surrounding building gave way to open fields and eventually open desert.

His destination being whichever direction he wants to drive in. Time to discover the world!


Maria x


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