Haunted House /

They thought it was a trick of their lights. But the first trick of light set them on edge, made them wary.

Seren and her friends were exploring an abandoned house on all hollows eve, that is rumored to be haunted. The rumored haunted house, is an 18th century upper class,  two-story house, with a winding veranda wrapped around the front and right side of the house. Accompanied with a smaller veranda located on the upper floor. Giving the house a further eerie feeling is the upper floor broken windows, with their swinging wooden shutters; that are barely hanging onto the window frame.

It is from the upper floor window, that Serens friend sees the flash light, pointing the anomaly out to the rest. Regardless of this sighting, the 5 friends still push forward with their exploring.

Slowly pushing open the aged, crumbling wooden door. Seren walks through first, taking small measured across the entrance hall; all the while being mindful of the decaying floor and dilapidated walls. Just standing within the entrance hall, Seren can see the damage that age and nature has done to the abandoned house, with damp and mold snaking its way up the wall. Greenery has broken through the other walls and makings its way up winding staircase, making the banister appear as though made out of ivy.

While Seren and her friends are discussing where to start exploring within the house. The hear a noise from upstairs, like a pitter patter of feet moving across the floor, coming closer to them. The sound of pattering feet seems to get louder, the closer the sound gets to the staircase. Increasing Seren’s feeling of uneasy and wariness, putting her further on edge. With the approaching feet being almost at the top of the staircase.

To be continued…..

Presenting today’s word prompt blog post.

Maria x


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