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“Make sure, you pick up several boxes of tack up” Seren yelled from the kitchen, where she was currently elbow deep in flour.

“If you want to start putting up the Christmas decoration up tomorrow. We are going to need a lot of tacks” She continued saying as Emrys walks through the kitchen door.

Turning to face her husband after washing her hand, Seren watches him for a moment. Her mind drifts to everything that has happened over the past year, leading up to this moment.

“How many boxes should I get then” Emrys inquires “4 or 5 boxes?”

“Get 5 boxes, to be safe. Its better to have more tacks than needed.” Seren replied.

Seren was in the pan cupboard trying to find the christmas tree shaped cake tin. Giving a shout when she lays her hands on the tin, Seren pulls out of the cupboard giving it a little wave. Causing Emrys to grin at Seren, at her little victory.

Finally knowing all the items needed from the supermarket, Emrys leans over to give Seren a kiss goodbye before making his way out to the driveway and his car.

Presenting a little drabble for today’s word prompt.

Maria x



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