Daily Prompt

For today’s blogging101 task, we have been asked to make a prompt personal. The prompt we have been given, is the prompt featured on the Daily Post wordpress blog. We have been asked to personalize the prompt to our blog and the content we post.

The prompt featured asks about ‘home turf,’ naming five things in my house that makes my house a home. I have tweaked the prompt, to see it as a small fiction prompt.


Tara sighed turned down the next street and continued plodded along, her mind not truly on her walk home. Tara’s mind was thinking about the class assignment, she had been assigned earlier this afternoon for her lecturer. They had  been asked to think about the five items that made their home a home.

The assignment brief wasn’t that detailed, so Tara had been thinking about if the lecturer meant five items that made the house a home for her or five items that made a house a home for the entire family.

Thinking about the assignment, the five things that makes the house a home for her is: her family, her animals, her cluttered bedrooms, the roaring log fire during the colder weather and the home cooking smell that is always there.

But if Tara thinks about the assignment in the other way of what makes the house a home for the entire family. Some of the items as the same: family, family pets, home cooking smell, main family room and music playing in the background.

These two set of items makes a house a home for two different sets of people: an individual or a family. But at the end of it all, it still amounts to the same thing turning a house into a home.

Tara just has to decide which way, she is going to take the assignment given to her.

Presenting my take on personalized blog prompt.

Maria x


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