Week 2 of Blogging101

With week 2 of the blogging101 course coming to an end, I have taken a moment to think about all the tasks that I have completed in the past week.

The main point for most of last weeks tasks were getting to know my neighbors and interacting with them. I think the main reason for last weeks task, is to get bloggers interacting with each other. As some bloggers may have a habit of unintentionally ignoring other bloggers, while growing their own personal blog.

So last weeks daily tasks made bloggers take an active step to go out (figuratively) and meet other bloggers and get conversations going through the power of comments and blog posts inspired by other bloggers blog posts.

I can admit that I have a habit of getting side tracked with writing blog posts, to the point of not interacting with other bloggers. Even though I know what I am doing and I have tried to make the effort of interacting with other bloggers. But trying to juggle real life and an active blog can limit the amount of time I can spending browsing other bloggers blogs.

So the daily tasks were very helpful for me, as it allowed me the consciously make the effort and time to explore other people’s blogs. With last weeks tasks, I am looking forward more to next weeks tasks and what is to come.

Maria x



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