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Being handed today’s task for blogging101 and why I commented on a certain blog post, why did that blog post caught my attention.

For me the blog post that caught my attention a lot was Boba and Games Life of a Gamer Girl.

Below is my comment, (currently awaiting moderation)

I love my video games, although I don’t play games to the level, you obviously do. But I remember years ago when I was hanging with my ex and our friends, (quite a few who were male) would be playing video games, they very rarely let me join in with them, because they thought I wasn’t very good. As most video games I played were RPG like Final fantasy and Kingdom hearts. Maria x

This inspired further thinking about not only the types of video games I love to play and why I have never ventured into online video games or even playing against other video gamers.

My favorite video games Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts series. These are the two series I always come back to playing, although I do have other video games like Harry Potter.

But while I was thinking about my games I also realized that my range of video games isn’t that large, mainly made up of Harry potter and Final Fantasy video games for the play station 1 & 2 and the Xbox 360.

The main reason I never ventured into online games is because of the potential cost and the fact that as I live in the country my internet connection is not very fast. So too much data streaming of the wifi line slows the wifi speed down considerably.

I also steered clear of multiple player games because most of my friends that played video games are male and they rarely what to play against girl. My male friends also preferred golfing and guitar hero games, which I greatly detested, much preferring role-playing games because it allows me to run and wonder about.

So I understand and agree to a certain extent with Boba and Games, and what she is talking about when it comes to girl gamers and the problems that we can face when going against male gamers.

Although I love Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, no game stands up against Pokemon. Pokemon was the first video game I ever played, I remember for my 10th birthday, I got Pokemon Blue, and a yellow game boy color. I still have the yellow game boy, but I had to replace Pokemon, because the first Pokemon blue was played so much the inner circuits burned out.

But I don’t let get to me and continue to play the games I want, just for the fact that I love my video games and refuse to give them up. When something like this video game subject comes up, it makes me wonder what are other peoples opinions of video games.

Are there any specific video games you like to play? Do you play video games at all? or do you not see the point of video games? Let me know your opinion in the comment section below. 🙂

Maria x


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