The night started out calm, the sea was calm; although the sky was clouded over. But everything changed within an hour of completing the necessary days tasks.

First the wind starts to pick up, becoming rougher and rougher.  But surprisingly the sea stayed calm, making the captain and crew wary about what is happening. When at sea with a storm, the sea is typically rough making it difficult to control the Gaeafau.

Anticipating the potential danger that may be coming, the ships night captain started waking the crew and Captain Emrys. Within moments the Gaeafau’s deck is a hive of activity securing the ship against the coming storm.

The storm started out with distant flashes of lightning, followed by rumbles of thunder. As the storm draws closer and closer, the sea then starts to become rougher and rougher, causing the crew to unbalanced. lightning strikes are more defined, Emrys can see lightning bolts breaking across the night sky.

“Crew, prepare yourself, we are about to be hit full force with the storm,” Emrys shouted while at the wheel trying to keep the ship steady. Both the wind and sea are becoming rougher and has the potential to claim lives of the crew, if the crew is careless.

At the storms highest peak, the sky is just lite up with hundreds of lightning bolts. The storm was only over the Gaeafau for an hour at most, but it was the most nerve-racking hour; as anything could if gone wrong.

Weather conditions eased, winds died down giving the captain and crew a moment to stop and take in everything that has just happened and to catch their breath.

After a moment, the crew set about checking the damage the Gaeafau had acquired from the lightning storm. Making minor repairs to ropes that have frayed or snapped, but overall the ship and crew got away largely unscathed.

Another installment of my Gaeafau pirate world, let me know what you think.

Maria x


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