Boba and Games

The reason Boba and Games blog post, ‘The Life of a Gamer Girl’ catch my attention is one I love my videos games. I could go weeks without playing a single game, but then I get a burst of inspiration to play loads of video games. Boba and Games talks about the some of the difficulties that female gamers can face when stepping into the world of video games surround by male video gamers.

Continuing with M.E

This blog post caught the attention of the business studies graduate inside of me. Reminding me of some of my Marketing lectures I attended, drawing me back to weekdays of sitting in lecture hall listening to my lecturer talking about what makes good customer service. Along with the benefits excellent customer service can have on a business.

Life Lessons of a Widow

The main reason this blog post caught my attention was the title fear, and after reading the post, makes me understand that everyone no matter the situation everyone has fear and it can potentially rule your life if you let it. Even thought everyone has fears, some people fears can be much worse depending on the situation of the individual.


The realistic drawing of ZuZu rose, caught my attention and I just had to go have a nosy, at some of her other work. She makes some fantastic drawing.

When going through the reader tag #blogging101, there is lots of blog posts to choose from. Some blog posts caught my attention, while others were but a passing glance. But all the blog post held a hint of intrigue for me, unfortunately I could not sit and read every single post, because I would not get anything done in my life.

Maria x


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