Have you ever had a book or book series that no matter what you are not able to get into at all.

I currently have this problem with GRRM ‘A Song of Ice and Fire book series’, it seems no matter what I can’t get into the book. The pace of the book for me is two slow, I love fast pace books that keep you clinging to each page to continue reading.

I am thinking I may leave Game of Thrones for the moment and read something else. Even re-read my other favorite book series Harry Potter or try something different. I have plenty ofย  books to choose from, just unsure because I want to finish Game of Thrones if only to say I completed reading the book. As I hate giving up on a book part way through, as I never know what may happen further in the book.

I think the problem with Game of Thrones is that I watched the television series first and because I know that some of the story-lines has changed from the book. So I may have me spoiled by the TV series and their story-line.

Producing a film or TV series based on a book can either be good or bad. Because, the producers would either stick to close to the book or diverge from the books quite a lot. That the audience ends up favoring one over the other.

I will more than likely read a couple of chapters here and there and even if it takes until this time next year to complete the book. At least I would have finished the book.

What do you do about books you are reading that you are not just enjoying? let me know down in the comment section.

Maria x


15 thoughts on “Books

  1. It took me many repeated attempts at reading A Game of Thrones before I caught the bug and couldn’t stop reading them. So I understand your trouble of not getting into it. The books do provide a giant amount of extra depth and detail, with things skimmed over on the show that could easily spin off books by themselves.

    But I don’t want to chastise you for not finished AGoT. Life is short and you should read what you like.

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    1. I know the books have a lot more depth and background, that is one of the main reasons I want to read the series.

      So instead of doing my trick of trying to read the books as fast as possible, is to take my time and largely consider the books as a complete separate entity to the TV series.

      Maria x

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      1. That’s the way to go. One thing about GRRM, all of his main characters end up with a large cast of supporting characters, some of whom never make it to the show. I became really invested in these periphery characters, because usually they had more characterization and implied backstory than many main characters in other book series.

        If you decide to keep reading, I applaud that decision. And also your perspective of considering the show and books at different entities is the smart thing to do. Very wise.

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  2. Ironically, Harry Potter was the series that I tried again and again to get into, but I just could not do it. I read most of book one, a little of book two, then skipped to book three because my friends swore that it got so much better. Nope. Still uninterested.

    It’s odd because I grew up in the right generation and I like fantasy stories, but I guess some things just don’t click.

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  3. EttaD

    You’re correct, it is indeed have to muddle through GRRM’s novels, but for me I read the books before they became a hit TV show. Would I read them again? No! Like you, after seeing it played out on screen, any hopes of re-reading the books is gone.

    Though all summer long I’ve returned to the classics, if you can call them that. I’ve re-read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Count of Monet Cristo, Anne Rice’s interview with the Vampire and Stephen King’s the Shinning. I was feeling abit nostalgic and decided to revisit some of my favourites.

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  4. Big Erik

    I don’t think I’ve ever given up completely on a book, though I have several on my shelves which I’ve not yet finished. Sometimes it’s a case of struggling to find the time, sometimes it’s that the story hasn’t gripped me, or maybe I get distracted because I have other books on the go. I don’t think you ever waste time reading a book though…

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      1. Big Erik

        My biggest problem is usually the language used, rather than the plot itself. Some writing styles are also difficult to get over I think, though I understand that authors will have deliberately chosen that technique in order to tell a story in their own way.

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  5. I am impressed by how GRRM can spend three pages at a time describing food. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    It can be hard to get the grip of all the backstories and different storylines.. I kind of connected with Tyrion and that got me hooked.

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  6. I enjoyed the Harry Potter series, but there are not many books I’ve ever liked enough to read twice. (There are so many books out there, it seems that rereading one means denying another book its chance.) One of the few I have read twice, though, is Lord of the Rings — once as a teenager and again much later. Of all the fantasy worlds I’ve ever visited, its still seems the most real to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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