Emrys stepped off the small rowing boat; normally stored on the Gaeafau. Anchoring just of shore of an isolated island, that has not been explored yet by royal navy or pirates alike.

Captain Emrys was determined to claim the island for pirates; before the Navy turned up.

Upon first glancing the island, is composed of a dense forest made up of sky-high trees. Trees that are highlighted from behind by the setting sun, giving the trees a larger than life standing.

Proceeding up the minuscule beach, Emrys and Quartermaster Hefin reach the treeline. Concealed within the treeline, is a naturally made trail that they are able to traverse without problem. While climbing the trail, night settles around the pirates with only the moonlight acting as a guiding light.

As night settles, the forest comes to life around the Captain and Quartermaster. With the islands natural wildlife coming out of hiding, thus filling the forest with a canopy of sound. Among all this little glowing dots that to appear and rise from the forest floor.

The fireflies appear to be making a pathway for them, as though they want Emrys and Hefin to follow their lead.Wearily following the path; fighting their natural instincts, the pirates follow.

As they are walking, they notice the trees seem to be thinning out into a large open meadow. The meadow is filled with more glowing fireflies that are dancing and weaving around each other in intricate patterns. Giving off an ethereal quality, making the meadow appear magical in nature.

Presenting a little something set in my pirate world, all my little one-shots will eventually connect together somehow. Not sure how yet :).

Let me know what you think.

Maria x


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