She came through the surgery, with only slight difficulty. As the patient took a longer time to shake off the anesthetic, but Seren came around.

Seren refused to allow the surgery to slow her down, Seren was ready to go through physical therapy. In order to be back on her feet and back to work and being active in her hobbies.

The aforementioned surgery, was to repair torn muscle ligaments. Which, Seren received while training for an upcoming local marathon. Unfortunately, Seren is required to rest her leg muscles for two weeks before putting a heavier strain on the leg.

To allow her muscles to start healing, upon hearing this diagnose Seren was irritated for a short while before calming and seeing the benefits of a short rest period.

It would allow Seren to spend some time with friends and family before resuming her every day activities.

A very little one-shot for one of the words I am struggling to complete for my 100 word prompt challenge.

Maria x



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