Nestled within the confide of the tree roots, looking out to the rest of the forest and all the different trees. Feels like you are transported to another world.

Within the grove of tree, where the sound of modern-day lives do not penetrate. Seren feels like she has been transported back in time were the nature and the wild ruled the lives of people. Where only the strong and determined survived.

Laying among the tree roots, Seren is calm and at peace without thought. Feeling as though fairies, elves, dwarfs, trolls, and everything magic and fantasy would come alive around her.

Seren is so at peace with the world around her, that she lays there for hours imaging a fantasy world around her.  But as the hours pass her by, the grove of trees start the take on a strange subtle green glow. As though something is taking place and taking on life within the grove of trees.

Filling Seren with a strange anticipation and raising excitement. Suddenly there is a bright explosion around Seren, leaving a myriad of color behind.

Which, seem to move and dance around each other in a graceful but intricate dance. Some of the dancing colors mingle and combine produces mixtures of red, greens, blues, purples. Every color that is possible, flashes throughout the tree grove.

Presenting today’s word prompt fill. Today’s blog post marks day 35 of my 100 word prompt challenge, I am finding it hard to write something for each word. As some words do not really inspire anything within me.

Maria x


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