Train Graveyard
Train Graveyard

They learned the layout of the trains Shinra uses on the active railways, from the abandoned train carriages located in the train graveyard underneath the plate.

Shinra does not truly change the carriage design whenever a train carriage is replaced. So Cloud and Avalanche are able to plan their attack of the next reactor in detail knowing that they will not be caught out during the security checks on the train journey.

Fuhito had gotten someone to make up fake identification papers that are able to stand up against Shinra’s security checkpoints. The only uncertainty the members have at the moment in regards to the proposed plan is that they do not know how many security guards are between here and the mako reactor.

“We have planned as much as we can” Barrett shouted “time to put the plan into action and announce our presence to Shinra and show we mean business.”

At this shout, the rest of the group members sans one, echoed Barrett’s shout and started to prepare their weapons. Cloud the only member not thrumming in excitement for the coming battle with Shinra, prepared his weapons silently while wondering what was to come.

Still having a little difficulty making my stories longer, but I present today’s word prompt.

Maria x


4 thoughts on “Train

    1. For some theme topics like my train fiction above and my pirate fictions, I do imagine the layout and where I want the story to go next, but for my other one shot stories I have no step plan. I allow my writing to dictate where the story goes next. Maria x

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