Day 3 of blogging101 asks about the audience I write for, in general everyone is my audience for my blog. But my more specific audience is people who love to read and want to get lost in someone else world. Dreaming of being somewhere else without any worries beyond reading the next page of the novel they have gotten lost in.

Taking the above photo, just looking at the image inspires a small story.

Standing at the base of the moment it looks both daunting and challenging, as though taunting the climber.

Taunting the climber, mocking them into attempting to climb the moment.

As though the climber can physically touch another world when they get to the top. The climber mentally accepts the mountains silent challenge, he is going to prove that the mountain can be climbed.

The night sky looks as though it is opening up to welcome the climber into a world that is bigger than his world. The stars twinkling in away as though to say grand adventures await the climber.

All he has to do is ascend the mountain and everything he dreams of will be waiting for him.

But does the mountain hope promise or lies?

my little five-minute story inspired by the above pinterest image, that may grow into bigger story, if I can tear myself away from my pirate stories. 🙂

Let me know what you think

Maria x


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