Been a busy day today, as we finally replaced the cooker after just under two months. So just a little 150 word drabble today. Let me know what you think.

It was supposed to be just a little wood sanding job, that would have taken no more than an hour at most. Just a simple job, that turned into a nightmare.

Jackson was only checking the smoothness of the wood to see if more sanding was required. But on the final checking slide, a small thin piece of wood that worked it’s self loose, gave Jackson a splinter.

Now Jackson has never been the manliest of men, but when he got the splinter the noise he made could have brought the house down with how much crying and whimpering he was doing.

After getting Jackson to show were the splinter was, the splinter was removed in under five minutes and the splinter instantly gone.

Maria x


7 thoughts on “Splinter

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