Titles and Taglines

Commencing of day two of the blogging course, asking to create a catchy tagline and title.

But I am happy the title and tagline I create back when I started this blog.

Dreaming of a World Bigger than Ours

Creating a bigger world

People are always hoping and looking for something bigger than what they have. This can be one of the main reasons a person reads a book, because they are able to get themselves lost in a universe someone has put their heart into creating. Whether the universe is fantasy, sci-fi or based in real world, a reader is able to place their personal problems aside and for a few hours picture themselves somewhere else.

This thought has definitely inspired the title and tagline for my blog because of not only my own love of books but also my inspiration to write. But I also want to create a world that will allow the reader to get lost in for a few hours. Leaving their personal problems behind for a few hours.


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