For my first assignment on the blogging 101 course, I have been asked to introduce myself. I have done an introduction about myself in my About page.

So I am focusing more on why I am here with my blog. The main reason I had for starting my blog was to explore with my writing and see where it takes me. But this starting this blog back in June, I have veered a little off course. I still post about my writing and sharing some of my writing with my readers.

But I have been blogging about topics like the books I have read, films and television I have watched. I have been enjoying make blog posts about topics like this.

With this different direction I have been taking with my blog, I have had to altered my perception on how I see my blog. I now see my blog as more than just a writing blog. I see my blog as a journal to express my thoughts and what I am feeling whether the posts are personal in nature or my writing thoughts are about a film or television program I am watching.

So the main reason I am here is to explore my writing. But I am hoping to connect with people who have similar interests to me in writing, music, films, books etc.

If I am successful in blogging throughout the next year, I hope to have further expand my writing and have a good outline for a book and I hope to get to know different people.

Maria x


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