Television Genres

Why is it, when you watch a certain TV program of a certain genre and you thoroughly enjoyed the program. You have to go searching for more television programs of same genre. I have been asking myself this question since the end of April.

At the end of April, season 5 of Game of Thrones was premiered on the Sky channel. Now I never was interested in Game of Thrones I had gone four years of not watching the program at all, it had never interested me at all. What sparked my interest was at the end of episode 2 of the fifth season, a dragon appeared on the roof above Daenerys Targaryen.

This got me intrigued on what the series was about, so I kind of went on a Game of Thrones binge, as all four seasons was on sky box set. It took me about three weeks to watch all four season, it was safe to say I was shocked because to me the directors had really push the boundaries of the program and what is usually accepted on television.

No matter how shocking the program was, it got me completely hooked that has left me anticipating season 6 as I want to know what happens to Jon Snow. I admit I am also wondering what is happening with Sansa Stark, as she is my favorite character and I like the actress Sophie Turner that portrays Sansa.

Because I totally enjoyed Game of Thrones, and the program is largely a historical program mixed with few fantasy elements. It has given me a craving to watch historical programs, such to the point I have been hunting through Sky’s television planner for all history programs that catch my interest.

I have watched Egyptian program Tut, pirate program Blacksail etc. I have also devoured all historical films that I have from Asterix to the Hobbit, but I am still craving more historical programs or films.

Although these TV craving surprise me, it’s not completely unexpected because when I was in primary and secondary school. I kind of had a slight obsession with history and the events that happened to get the world to where it is today.

It makes me wonder does anyone else get craving like this about television programs or is it just me. Let me know if you get TV craving like this and what type of genre craving they are.

Maria x


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