Changing of the seasons


With the entering of September, the changing of the season from summer to autumn is almost upon us.

I can’t wait because autumn is my favorite season, as I prefer the cooler weather. Because were I live in Wales, there is never truly a long hot summer with high temperatures. We usually get bursts of nice weather with the sun blazing, but the weather here is no Spanish weather.

With weather changing days growing chiller, everyone starts to look towards autumn and what this season will bring. For me the changing of seasons to autumn means scarfs, gloves, hats and boots come out of storage to be worn again. I love this, because I love being wrapped up warm and snugly when taking my dogs for their walks.

I practically live in my boots through out autumn and winter, as I am prone to very cold feet that sometimes on very cold days, I have to wear at least two pairs of socks. Colder weather mean that I can now eat all my favorite food like stews, hotpots, pies, Sunday dinners with worry.

I also find that with autumn my mood changes, by becoming more slow, calm and enjoying everything around me compared to the fast pace summer brings out in everyone. This slower pace allows me to also enjoy my mellower type of music, as to me mellow music goes a lot better me cooler weather.

The colder weather as provides an excuse for me and my family to get the fire going in our living room. There is nothing like relaxing in front of a blazing fire after dinner watching a favorite program or film.

With looking forward to autumn, it gets me wondering if I am the only one who enjoys the colder weather more than hot weather. Are any of you looking forward to autumn and everything that comes with autumn.

Maria x


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