After taking the merchant ship Seung, the crew and captain are checking through the cargo held in the ships hull.

The merchant ship carried all the usual items a merchant vessel carries: silks, spices, tea and tobacco. These items are not unexpected to the crew, but behind all the barrels and crates stands a single large chest that is padlocked.

The chest stands to about mid-thigh, when standing next to the chest, with a length matching the captain’s arm stretch from right finger tip to left finger tip. The chest is simplistic in design made up of weather battered wood and aged iron, the aged iron fashioned as bars around the weathered wood. With the chest finished with brass pressed pins keeping the iron bars in place. The padlock keeping the captain and crew from knowing what resides within the chest, is a simplistic designed but heavy iron duty lock, requiring a skeleton key to open.

The crew work together dragging the chest into the hulls middle open space, to allow a better look to be given to the chest. Captain Emrys shouted for the Seung’s captain to be found and brought to him whether he is alive or dead.

Once the captain is brought forth before Emrys, he sees that the captain is still alive although he has been heavily injured and unlikely to survive the night unless given medical attention.

As captain Emrys need to find the key, in order for the chest to open, Emrys has an offer for the Seungs captain in exchange for the key.

“I offer you an exchange” Emrys begins, “You give use the key that will open the chest and we will provide your wounds attention from our doctor”

The captain looked at Emrys with interest, but was a little uncertain about the offer. Has he know what was in the chest and giving it up provides a high safety risk to himself from the owner of the chest.

“How can I guarantee that you will hold true to your word, as you may just kill me as soon as the key is in your possession”

At this Emrys gazed blankly at the captain, before replying that he will hold true to his word. Because even though they are pirates, they still have some honor and if they say something they will stick to their word.

Calling the ship’s doctor to start attending to the wounds the captain has, proving that Emrys will stick to his word. The Seung’s captain looks more relaxed and less uncertain with this direction.

“I’ll hand over the key, if you can help get back to land”


“Because the owner who would be receiving this chest, is not someone I would willing cross.”

At this answering reply, Emrys and the crew looks decidedly more interest in what the chest may hold. The Gaeafau captain agrees to this final request from the wounded captain.

With the final agreement in place, Seung’s captain reaches into his Jerkins pocket, withdrawing a key and handing it over to Emrys.

After taking the key, Emrys stares at the key examining the key design. The chest key is simple in design, made from heavy-duty iron. With the key in hand Emrys moves towards the chest, taking the padlock in hand, Emrys fits the key into the keyhole.

Taking a deep breath, Emrys turns the key counter-clockwise until a click is resonates from the lock. The lock pops open, allowing Emrys to withdraw the lock from the chest.

Flipping the lid, Emrys starts to open the chest revealing the contents hidden inside.

To Be Continued ……..

A longer blog post for my pirate universe, let me know what you think.

Maria x



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