Yesterday, I finally watched the 2014 version of the musical Annie. The original 1982 version of Annie, is one of my favorite musicals. When it was announced that Sony was releasing a remake of Annie, I was worried that Sony would end up ruining the film and the magic that made Annie, Annie.

But I was proven wrong, Sony managed to stay true the essence of Annie, while putting their own spin on the film. The new version of Annie is set in a modern-day New York, with orphan Annie living in a foster home.

Throughout the film Sony, has used the original songs featured in the 1982 version, but they have remixed and modernized the songs. That has allowed the songs to appeal to a new generation of audience viewers that have most likely never watched the original Annie.

The original Annie, is a feel good film; that leaves everyone who has seen the film feeling happy because Annie has found a home and family. Although the family she finds is not her original family, but one that has come together through circumstances.

The remake of Annie has kept the same feeling in this version, which allows the film to be enjoyable even by audiences that know the original Annie.

What do you think of the new version of Annie, let me know down in the comment section.

Maria x


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